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🚚🚚 Free shipping on all Inflatable Kayaks & Accessory orders over $250 🛶🛶 90 Day Returns
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Inflatable Kayaks

This might shock some people but they are not pool toys anymore! The technology just keeps getting better and better in this space and many inflatable kayaks now boast performance and rigidity that rivals hard-shell kayaks.

Inflatable Kayaks fit into small cars

Ditch the Roof Racks, no need for those!

They are incredibly versatile, offering older and younger Australians the ability to enjoy kayaking, in all of the same areas, but without spending hundreds of dollars on roof racks and worrying about lifting heavy hardshell kayaks onto their car. Browse our range of inflatable kayaks that are durable, lightweight and portable, with on-the-water performance that rivals that of a hard shell! Whether you are fishing, paddling solo or tandem, we have you covered!

Durability, performance and setup time

Modern inflatable kayaks are highly durable and resistant to punctures. of the kayaks in our range are reinforced with materials like PVC or similar composite, making them able to withstand scrapes from rocks or debris in the water. Inflatable kayaks tend to be wider which means they have superior stability making them an excellent choice for beginners. Higher-end inflatable models use features such as aluminium rib frames and dropstitch flooring to make the kayak incredibly rigid offering improved speed and tracking without sacrificing stability.

Setup time is always a big question. Launching an inflatable kayak requires between 5-15 minutes to unfold and inflate, with a similar amount of time needed to deflate and pack up. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and kayaks like the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Elite can be inflated in under 5 mins with some assistance from a powered inflator. 

Not sure which one suits your needs? We are here to help 😊

Reach out via the contact us page and let us know your, height, weight and what kind of kayaking you would like to do and we will come back to you with some options that you can look into further. 

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    AdvancedFrame Sport Inflatable Kayak
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    The difference between the AdvancedFrame Sport and the Sport Elite While the AdvancedFrame Sport and Sport Elite kayaks look identical there are s...

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    Original Price $1,197.00
    Current Price $957.00
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