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🚚🚚 Free shipping on all Inflatable Kayaks & Accessory orders over $250 🛶🛶 90 Day Returns
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AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Inflatable Kayak


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The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is a light-weight version of the popular AdvancedFrame kayak from Advanced Elements. Although nearly identical in shape and form to the original AdvancedFrame Sport, the Sport Elite features a drop-stitch floor instead of the standard floor, raising the bar with its rigidity and handling performance, bringing it alongside its hardshell counterparts. It has a large cockpit opening for easy entry and it incorporates a rigid aluminium rib frame in the bow and stern, creating a chiselled design, allowing it to cut through the water for increased paddling performance in this sporty design. 

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is amazingly compact!

With a packed size 76cm long x 43cm tall and 20cm wide, this kayak is perfect for the caravan, boot or back seat. This amazing space-saving inflatable is suited to those who want an incredible kayak that performs like a hardshell but without the weight or the hassle of storage and kayak trolleys to get from A to B.

The Sport Elite is easily manageable by one person and is a popular choice with those who live in high-rise apartments or communities where storage may be limited. It is also great for those that have smaller cars as it will fit inside the boot keeping it locked away and out of sight, unlike expensive roof-top kayaks.

Ditch expensive roof-racks and heavy kayaks!

The Sport Elite is a popular choice amongst older Australians for several reasons. Apart from the fact that it's compact when stored, it only weighs just over 13kgs making it easy to transport, even with one person. It's small enough to fit in your car boot or even on a back seat which means you aren't lifting heavy kayaks above your head at the end of your paddle and you also won't have the hassle or cost of finding roof-racks for your vehicle.  

Ready for recreational or the casual angler

Even though the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite isn't in the same league as the Advanced Element StraitEdge Angler Pro, it is more than suitable for the casual angler who wants a kayak that can double as a comfortable recreational paddle too. It doesn't come with rod holders but many who like to use this kayak to fish while they are out paddling simply use the paddle keepers on one side to house the rod when not in use.

a fish caught from the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Inflatable Kayak

Performance and comfort that rivals a hardshell kayak

With performance similar to a hard-shell kayak and the packability of an inflatable, you are only a few pumps away from your next adventure! In fact, you can inflate the Sport Elite in around 5 mins making it one of the fastest kayaks in the Advanced Elements range to get you on the water quickly.

One of the amazing features on the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is the patented seat design. Firstly, it comes with the kayak! It is not an additional purchase unlike many other brands and it's not one of those thin neoprene ones that are built for the water but not for comfort. The seat that comes with the Sport Elite is breathable, it has a thick padded base and adjustable straps and is easy to install. Simply place it into the kayak in the desired spot based on your height and connect via the large heavy-duty clips on either side.

Lady paddling the Sport Elite

By far the most amazing feature of the seat is the built-in lumbar support. If you find yourself needing a little more support while you are out on the water, you can simply inflate the built-in lumbar support via the hose and mouthpiece attached to the seat giving you the ability to increase your back-support and comfort while out on the water.

AdvancedFrame Sport Elite lumbar support seat

With Rigid Drop-Stitch Floor Technology

The drop-stitch floor technology allows you to inflate the floor to a high pressure creating an extremely rigid floor. It creates a hull with chine, which enhances the tracking and hull speed, allowing it to cut through the water and adds unparalleled rigidity to the kayak. For a full range of design and safety features, check out the images on this listing.

The drop stitch floor in the sport elite kayak

    Are inflatable Kayaks reliable?

    The biggest question we hear all the time is "Are inflatable kayaks reliable?" and the answer is a resounding YES! Advanced Elements has been making inflatable kayaks for over 20 years and continues to be an international market leader in the space.

    You don't need to be concerned about sticks, fishing hooks, fish spikes or dog claws. The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is covered in a number of layers, all of them puncture-resistant! Firstly, the air chambers are encased and protected inside a tightly woven heavy-duty canvas. Outside of that, the bright orange skin of the kayak is crafted from a water-proof rip-stop fabric that won't, rip or fray. The hull of the kayak is crafted from multiple layers of sandwiched PVC to create an incredibly robust and durable outer cover. 

    What's Included in the Package

    The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite package contains:

    • A super tough canvas carry bag so you can easily carry your kayak from A to B. It is also lined with a waterproof lining so if your kayak is wet when it goes back into the bag, any drips are contained instead of leaking into your car.
    • Thick base comfortable folding seat with built-in adjustable lumbar support to keep your back supported while out on the water.
    • Inflatable foot brace.
    • A double action pump with gauge to keep your kayak at the optimum pressure.
    • Repair kit
    • Owner’s manual


    • All Advanced Elements kayaks come with a manufacture backed 3-year warranty for your piece of mind. Find out more at https://www.advancedelements.com/warranty/
    • Advanced Elements patented spring valve system so you can easily inflate and deflate without the need for tools. 
    • Durable double coated fabric outer layer for added protection.
    • Bungee deck lacing
    • Molded rubber handles
    • Reinforced bow and stern seam
    • Hard edge bow/stern
    • Storage compartment
    • Welded seams
    • Neoprene paddle guard
    • Adjustable back support
    • D-ring tie down
    • Skeg tracking fin
    • Rip stop fabric


    • Model: AE1017
    • Colour: Orange/Blue
    • Length: 3.18m
    • Width: 81cm
    • Weight 11.8 kg
    • Person/s 1
    • Max. weight 113 kg
    • Max. paddler height: 182cm
    • Chambers 4
    • Folded size 76cm x 43cm x 20cm

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