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🚚🚚 Free shipping on all Inflatable Kayaks & Accessory orders over $250 🛶🛶 90 Day Returns
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AdvancedFrame Ultralite 8kg Inflatable Kayak

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8kgs! - The Ultimate Lightweight Adventure Kayak

Built for adventure, the Ultralite from Advanced Elements is popular amongst hikers, seniors and those chasing a lightweight high-performance kayak. The AdvancedFrame Ultralite kayak weighs in at just 8kgs and combines cutting-edge design with ultra-lightweight materials, delivering an unbeatable blend of performance, convenience and high-end quality that Advanced Elements are known for.

It shares amazing performance features with its bigger cousins in the patented aluminium rib-frame technology built into the bow and stern. The ribs create a strong chisel on either end of the kayak allowing it to cut through water. This coupled with the moulded fin on the hull ensures great speed and tracking on the water.

At 81cm wide the Ultralite has great stability making it an easy choice for beginners. We recommend a max paddler weight of 80kgs and a max paddler height of 180cm to ensure you are comfortable on your paddle. If you need something to carry more gear you can check out the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite which has a capacity of 113kg courtesy of its drop stitch floor. If you need more leg room, you can check out the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite.

The Ultralite is built to last with its ultra-light polyurethane materials in a 3-layer construction ensuring extreme puncture resistance, while the welded seams and foam floor add an extra layer of durability. Whether you're navigating choppy waters or exploring serene lakes, the Ultralite is up to the challenge.

The seat that changed the game

The highback seating that comes with the Ultralite is a game-changer. It has a 4.5 cm foam cushion with a hard-wearing material cover that is comfy for hours of paddling. The high back and sides allow you to relax back into the seat and it wraps around you. The thick straps clip into the kayak easily and you can adjust the straps while out on the water.

The best bit though is that the seats also have an inflatable lumbar support chamber built in! If you find that you need a bit of support in your lower back, you can inflate or deflate the chamber while out on the water by simply blowing into the mouth tube.  

animation of the inflatable lumbar support in the convertible elite seats

Setup in just 6 mins!

Thanks to the included double-action hand pump, you can have this kayak inflated and ready for action in just 6 minutes! Simply inflate the chambers, add in the floor, deck lift and seat and you are good to go. 

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner adventurer and experience the ultimate in lightweight, high-performance kayaking with the AdvancedFrame® Ultralite!


  • 8kgs in total. Perfect for seniors, hikers, bushwalkers or adventurers. 
  • Patented aluminium ribs built into bow and stern for great performance and tracking.
  • Easy to carry via backpack provided. It can also be carried as a duffel bag.
  • 81 cm width is super stable and great for beginners. 
  • 3-layered construction with double-coating for strong, puncture-resistant construction
  • Welded seams and foam floor
  • D-rings for secure tie-down
  • Bungee lacing on deck to safely stow your gear or drybag
  • Molded rubber handles on the front and rear
  • The pre installed Skeg mounted to the hull needs no installation and gives the kayak great tracking
  • Folding deluxe seat is adjustable and contains inflatable lumbar support chamber. 
  • Package contains an inflatable foot brace
  • Owner’s manual and repair kit included
  • The included Double-action hand pump inflates on the up and down stroke making setup a breeze in around 6 mins.


Length: 125 in - 317.5 cm
Width: 32 in - 81.28 cm
Weight: 17.5 lb - 7.94 kg
Max Weight Capacity: 226 lb - 102.51 kg
Recommended Max Paddler Weight: 80kgs
Recommended Max Paddler Height: 180cm or 6"
Activity Type: Recreational
Passengers: Single
Cockpit Type: Sit-Inside
Warranty: 1 or 3 years Limited Warranty

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