🚚🚚 Free shipping on all Inflatable Kayaks & Accessory orders over $250 🛶🛶 90 Day Returns
🚚🚚 Free shipping on all Inflatable Kayaks & Accessory orders over $250 🛶🛶 90 Day Returns
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Vaquita Electric Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Motor


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The Vaquita kayak and SUP electric motor from EPropulsion can turn almost any kayak and standup paddle board (SUPs) into a powered machine. Whether you are trolling or moving from A to B, the motor module perfectly fits into two major standard fin boxes - US fin box and inflatable SUP fin box and if there isn’t a suitable fin-mounting system or if users want to keep the fin attached to the fin box while travelling, the universal adapter (supplied as standard) helps mount the motor with the use of 2 standard tiedown straps (also supplied as standard).

At full power, a Vaquita battery lasts for 70 min and at half speed it will keep you moving for a whopping 5 hours! Vaquita is your an island-hopping helper, an arm saver or a trolling weapon ready to take on anything. If you are chasing even more run-time, additional batteries can be purchased separately to keep you moving and out on the water for longer.

Motor mounts are included to fit most kayaks and SUP's

The Vaquita package comes with a range of adapters as standard. In the box you will find adapters to fit US fin box and Standard fin box as well as their universal adapter. The universal adapter allows the vaquita to be attached to any watercraft, even those without fin boxes courtesy of the ratchet straps also provided. 


  • Universal adaptability meaning that this motor is compatible with more watercraft than most other motors on the market.
  • Long battery life. With a battery life of up to a whopping 5 hours on high speed and over 1 hour on half speed, this motor is idea for those that want to spend time trolling
  • Controlled via a wireless remote that straps to your wrist or paddle and has 8 speeds forward.
  • Salt and Freshwater capable.
  • Lightweight & Portable. Weighing in at just 4kgs the package wont ad unnecessary drag to your watercraft.
  • Speeds up to 11 km/h (depending on the shape and weight of your watercraft)
  • Effortless Installation. Simply mount the motor via your chosen method and add the battery to the rear of your craft and you are on your way

What's in the package:

  • Vaquita motor
  • Vaquita battery
  • Remote control
  • Battery charger
  • Universal adapter
  • Fin Box Adapter
  • US Fin Box Adapter
  • Warranty card
  • Quality certificate
  • User manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

Have Questions?

🛶 Is the Vaquita suitable for my kayak?

The Vaquita is designed to fit into major standard fin boxes on kayaks and SUPs. Its universal adapter allows it to be attached to watercraft that don't have fin boxes too, using tiedown straps. 

🔋 What is the motor's power source, and how long does the battery last on a single charge?

The motor's power source is a 324 Wh Lithium-ion battery, providing a runtime of up to 70 minutes at full speed or an impressive 5 hours at half speed. Additional batteries are available for purchase to extend usage time.

🛠️ How easy is it to install and remove the motor from my kayak?

Installation is easy; mount the motor via your chosen method and attach the battery to the rear of your craft. Connect the motor and the batter and turn on the wireless remote and you are good to go! Removal is similarly effortless, making it convenient for transportation and storage.

🚀 What is the motor's speed?

The motor can achieve speeds of up to 11 km/h depending on the watercraft's shape and weight.

🎛️ Does the motor have adjustable speed settings, and how user-friendly is the control interface?

The motor offers 8 speeds forward controlled via a waterproof wireless remote that straps to your wrist or paddle.

🏋️‍♂️ Is the motor lightweight and easy to transport?

Absolutely! Weighing only 4 kg, it adds minimal drag to your watercraft and is easily portable.

⚠️ What safety features does the motor have, such as emergency stop mechanisms?

With multiple built-in sensors, the Vaquita is ready to stop immediately if you should eb separated from your watercraft.

🌊 Is the motor designed for freshwater, saltwater, or both?

The Vaquita is adaptable to both saltwater and freshwater environments, making it versatile for various water conditions.

🛠️ What is the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer?

The Vaquita comes with a 1-year manufacturer backed warranty.

💰 What is the price range for kayak motors, and what features justify the cost?

The Vaquita's boasts many features like its adaptability, the mounting system, long battery life, wireless control, and ease of installation are amazing for a motor in its price point.


  • Running Time: 5hr (half speed), 70min (full speed)
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Adapters: US fin, SUP fin, Universal adapter
  • Control Waterproof Wireless Remote: Strap to wrist or paddle, 8 speeds forward
  • Battery: 324 Wh, Lithium-ion
  • Battery Life: 500 cycles at 80% DOD
  • Motor Size: 18.2 x 16.8 x 18.2 cm
  • Battery Size: 21.6 x 17.8 x 10 cm
  • Saltwater Adaptability: Yes
  • Battery Ingress Protection: IP67

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