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Saluda 12 Sit In Kayak


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Embark on all-day kayaking adventures with Saluda 12 recreational sit-in kayak from Liquidlogic. This stable and forgiving 12-foot sit-inside kayak is great for beginners but delivers exceptional performance for seasoned paddlers as well. Great for long days on the water, Liquidlogic's super comfortable handcrafted seating will allow you to enjoy your time on the water. Smart storage solutions like the Gearstash console and dual-access hatch with integrated mount keep your gear organised and within reach. Manufactured in Fletcher, North Carolina, the Saluda range is crafted from quality materials and time-honored craftsmanship that allow it to last. 

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The Saluda 12 is an award-winning kayak

The Saluda 12 features an open cockpit design that provides heaps of room for paddlers of different sizes. For additional adjustability, the console's three wing nuts can be loosened to detach it completely, allowing you to customise the cockpit layout to the exact way you like it.

This kayak includes incredibly durable solid plastic handles and has two built-in well nuts that serve as secure gripping points or tie-down spots at the bow. A handy roller on the front deck bungee lets you smoothly slide your paddle underneath and many paddlers have found this roller feature quite useful when launching or exiting the kayak.

As for storage, the Saluda 12 console offers multiple clever solutions including a semi-dry compartment with a flip cover that keeps small items like phones and wallets protected from the elements. Other options include cubbies, a track for fishing rod holders or phone mounts The spacious rear hatch works nicely for gear storage too on quick overnighters for even more versatility.

Comfort was also a key priority in the design of the Saluda range. It's well-padded seats firmly attach to the frame, unlike cheaper alternatives prone to loosening over time. Drawing inspiration from Native Titan kayaks, the breathable mesh frame seat provides exceptional comfort for longer trips and you can customise the ergonomic fit by shifting it forward or raising it to properly support your body. The seat can also be detached completely and used on the beach or water side as a comfy deck chair too.

Mount track included and ready for fishing rod mount

The Gearstash console sits up front within reach of the paddler on all of the Saluda series kayaks. The console can be quickly removed with three knobs should you ever need to do so. It contains a spring-loaded hatch for quick cell phone storage and a gear track for easy GPS or rod holder mounting. On the right are recesses for quick storage of fishing lures or other small items.

Flotation and Additional Features

The Saluda 12 comes with a sealed bulkhead, providing flotation in the event of capsizing. This feature guarantees that, even if water enters the cockpit, the back area will remain filled with air, giving the kayak an "always positive flotation". 

Other notable additions to the Saluda 12 include a paddle clip and a replaceable keel for durability and ease of use. Moreover, Yak Attack hinges have been integrated into the rear hatch by Liquid Logic, making it easily accessible from both sides. There is also an optional wheel attachment available for effortless transportation.

The Saluda 12 is yours for on the water adventure!

The Liquid Logic Saluda 12 sit in kayak is a top-of-the-line recreational kayak that has been carefully updated to optimise both performance and comfort. Featuring an expertly designed hull, a stable secondary edge, and ample storage capabilities, this kayak guarantees an exceptional paddling experience.

Whether embarking on a short overnight excursion or a leisurely day on the water, the Saluda 12 is a reliable and impressive choice. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Happy paddling!


  • Soft Touch Handles on the bow and stern for easy and comfortable carry.
  • Integrated Deck Bungee/paddle Catch up front for storage
  • The Liquidlogic Gearstash™ console sits front and center keeping your gear tidy and safe
  • Adjustable Footbraces so you can get your ride just right.
  • Comfort+ Thigh Pads
  • A large integrated storage hatch on the stern allows you to keep your gear dry and stowed away safely
  • Premium frame high back deck-chair style seating
  • Taco Paddle Clip
  • Removable Skid Plates
  • Tag-A-Long Wheel Compatible


  • Weight: 51lbs / 23.13kg
  • Length: 12' / 3.66m
  • Width: 29 / 73.66cm
  • Capacity: 350lbs / 159kg

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